Although New York is one of the world’s greatest, most exciting cities, the peace and slower living of rural places are never far away. That can mean, for example, taking a quick trip to nearby Long Island, where spacious residential properties and untouched forests make for a great change from the built-up density of Manhattan.

It can also mean heading instead to the north into Westchester County. Long considered one of the region’s greatest assets by many New Yorkers, Westchester offers up plenty of peace and quiet, while being only a quick trip by car from Manhattan.

That makes Westchester County a perfect destination for a peaceful afternoon of rest and recuperation, as many New Yorkers prove every day. It also means that Westchester County is well positioned to provide similar solace to the youngest people in the city in the form of the day camps that dot the area.

In fact, there is a long tradition of young New Yorkers enjoying summer days in nearby Westchester County. At the long-running Badger Sports Club, for example, New York schoolchildren have been hosted for over eighty years, with many children going on, after they have become grown ups, to send their own progeny to the same place.

Even a quick look through the selection of pictures at… will show plenty of good reasons for the camp’s popularity. While New York City itself has plenty of swimming pools to offer to residents, for example, they tend to be fairly crowded and intense places, not entirely suited for relaxing.

At Badger and other camps in Westchester County, though, campers have much more space to themselves. That allows them to progress more quickly as they learn the various swimming strokes, and it means that they can stretch their figurative wings in more productive ways.

While swimming is a common feature of camps in Westchester County, the fact is that every such institution offers a whole lot more to do. Some popular day camp themes include those focused on specialized pursuits like music skills, technology, or theater, meaning that children with particular interests can often find a camp that will suit them perfectly.

It is also possible, of course, to pursue these goals in New York itself, but the ability to do so at a premier summer day camp just outside of the city is often even more satisfying and productive. Just as adults appreciate the ability to escape the city for a while, so do children often benefit from doing so on their summer breaks.